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About us

206 ½ is Albany’s only Historic Hotel, located in the heart of the downtown community. Perched atop Margin Coffee, the 7 bedroom boutique boasts an amazing view of 2nd Ave SW and beyond. Once an apartment complex for wives visiting their GI’s stationed at Camp Adair, this space has been called “home” by many over the last 100 years. Families grew and love was shared.


We are all formed by our past. Our beauty comes from life lived; time. Our lives are made richer by those we’ve shared them with. This space is no different. At 206 ½ Historic Hotel, we embrace the journey each and every one of us have been on. We offer a place of rest during the current adventure you’re on. We create reasons to smile, breathe, and be thankful for what’s brought you to this moment.

For Photographers


Room #7

Room #7 was our first room to be finished and is affectionately named the Juniper room.

Room #5

Room #5 is decorated in black and white with yellow gold accents.

Room #3

Room #3 is our largest room and was beautifully designed by Cassie Ann Designs.

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206 1/2 2nd Avenue, Albany Oregon 97321


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